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06 September 2008

Project Management Training PMO

At this point, one of three things can happen:

The organization may make the mistake of thinking that the PMO has permanently solved the problems, and that the company can continue to manage projects successfully without a PMO. In this case, the PMO may be threatened with a shut-down, or may simply dwindle from neglect. The problem is that a methodology is only effective so long as it is used. If the organization makes this mistake, then the PMO will quit supporting project success and the project success rate will begin to slip. Methods of addressing this problem are found on the PMO Influence Learning page.

The organization may appreciate the benefit of reliable project success, and want to maintain it, but to do so at lower cost. To meet this directive, the PMO remains at the Standard Level, and focuses on cost reduction and efficiency. Its goal is to provide the same level of support with less effort, at lower cost.

The organization may want to take online project management to the next level. The next level might be defined in several different ways, and the PMO should work with executive leadership to define the most beneficial direction. The PMO does this by moving to the Advanced Level, as described in the next section.


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