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Project Management Tool Advanced Level

09 September 2008

Project Management Tools Advanced Level

Not all PMOs should go to the advanced level. Once a PMO has reached the standard level and stabilized there, it should communicate the options it sees for the PMO and for the organization's project management software capability to the PMO Steering Committee and corporate executives, and work with them to define a direction. Here are several possible directions:

Effectiveness and efficiency. Remain at the standard level, and work on effectiveness and efficiency of service.

Supporting additional parts of the organization. Sometimes, the PMO and a core group of divisions have achieved standardization, but other divisions have not. They may be slower for any of several reasons. Perhaps they are seen as less essential to corporate success, or they are more recent acquisitions, or they simply resisted more or learned more slowly. If this is the case, or if the company is growing, especially by acquisition, then the PMO may best serve the company by keeping its own operations much as they are, and supporting the other parts of the organization in catching up with the parts that are already working up to the PMOs standards.



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