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Project Management Course Alignment and Fit

12 September 2008

Project Management Courses Alignment and Fit

Alignment and fit. Here, the focus is on making the PMO right for the company and its strategic direction. That may involve growth to the advanced level, or it may not. It probably does mean moving in the direction of becoming more like a Portfolio Management Office than a Project Management Office.

Self-assessment and Maturity. If the questions are along these lines:

How can the PMO increase the overall project success rate even higher?

How can the PMO further reduce project schedules and costs?

How can the PMO help the company achieve higher quality or take on more challenging, riskier projects?

Then the PMO addresses these questions by moving to the Advanced Level of maturity.

As the PMO enters the Advanced Level, it focuses on:

Controlling its own services more closely, so that they achieve predictable results time and again.

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