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Project Management Consulting Optimizing PMO's

15 September 2008

Project Management Consulting Optimizing PMO's

Continuously improving its own services, optimizing the PMO to fit the organization.

Note that the focus here is on the PMO's own advancement and maturity. It is crucial that the PMO begin with internal self-assessment and internal improvements. Only a highly mature, well-run PMO will maintain the credibility needed to move a whole organization to the Controlled and Continuously Improving levels of Online Project Management Maturity.

Once the PMO's own operations are at an Advanced Level, then it can begin to bring the organization along with it. This is a slow process. The organization is doing quite well already – probably better than most of its competitors – and the need to go to the next level may not be clear to everyone. However, the PMO is ready for this. It's skill at definition of benefits, assessment, and measurement allow it to adopt a whole new type of influence. As described on the PMO Influence Learning page, the PMO can now add measurable demonstrations of results to its general communications and customer service.


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