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Project Management Maturity Over Time

21 September 2008

Project Management Maturity Over Time

Improving Maturity Over Time

As should be cleared by now, operating at the Advanced Level and increasing the PMO's maturity is a carefully planned and executed process, not just one quick solution after another. Continuous improvement is made up of small steps, each of which builds a better PMO and increases Online Project Management Maturity. Occasionally, large leaps are taken as well. For example, a PMO might implement and Knowledge Base or implement Governance. But such large projects are built from small efforts, and then support more small efforts that follow after. For example, once a knowledge base is in place, these small steps are easier to make:

Assessment of maturity is much easier, as all documents are in standard format, in a standard structure.

Continuous improvement of project management methodologies, standards, tools, and processes is easier, as all documents and templates are online, and easy to update.


Access to the PMO services, and assessment of their use, can be built into the knowledge base to assist with continuous assessment and improvement of the PMO's services.



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