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Project Management Course Strategic Direction

03 October 2008

Project Management Courses Strategic Direction

Which of these approaches is best for the organization depends on these factors:

Strategic direction. Is the goal to improve online project management overall, or to take on new challenges on some projects? If the goal is overall improvement, then the first or third choice is suitable. If the goal is to bring a higher level of skill on just a few projects, then the second choice is best.

Available resources and commitment. The third approach requires a large staff, significant costs, and a major commitment to organizational improvement. If the organization is convinced, committed, and ready, it can bring excellent results. However, if the organization is not committed and well-prepared, then the result can be an expensive bureaucracy that adds nothing to the bottom line.

The PMO has grown in its ability to analyze itself and the organization. It has also grown in influence and is highly respected. Working with his team, the PMO Manager can develop and present beneficial options to senior executives, who can then select the optimal solution. The PMO then executes that optimal solution in the PMO Improvement Phase.


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