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Project Management PMO

01 November 2008

Project Management  PMO

The PMO must be able to:

Provide effective project management methodologies, standards, processes, practices and tools, and improve it based on feedback from actual project results.

Update project plans and report status

Provide effective training and support for Project Managers, project teams, and projects

Define the roles of project participants and stakeholders through a Governance Plan

Assess, review, and audit projects to provide effective control and feedback

Direct projects under its control, and provide appropriate resources to those projects efficiently


If all of these capabilities are in place, most projects will go well. Those that don't will show prompt evidence of deviating from their plans and receive prompt and effective attention. In this way, projects are kept under management control. When projects are well-planned and kept under management control, they are likely to deliver acceptable results on time and within budget. When this happens consistently, reliably, and predictably, an organization has mature online project management and effective management control of projects.

In any organization, capability and maturity may be uneven. Certain divisions may be more capable, or the organization may be more capable at some types of projects and less at others. This is the topic of the next section, Maturity Across the Organization



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