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Project Management Tool PMO Assessment

10 November 2008

Project Management Tools PMO Assessment

This is just a list of the possible dimensions. Each PMO must assess all projects, and look for patterns that indicate what areas of difficulty might exist. Once an area of difficulty is found, there are two possible solutions. To determine which solution to use, answer these questions:

Is the methodology correct? If not, refine the methodology to handle the particular area of project management that is not performing well.

Are the teams capable? If the methodology is correct, but the Project Manager or the project teams are not capable of following the methodology, then provide additional training and support to close the gap.

In looking at project management across an organization, it is important to focus on strengths, as well as weaknesses. A particularly strong division or project team can be the basis of a case study that educates others in how to achieve better results. The next section takes a closer look at how the PMO can assess and increase Project Management Maturity across an organization.



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