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Project Management Implementation of Maturity Model

02 December 2008

Project Management Process  Implementation of Maturity Model

Planning Implementation of the Maturity Model

Once the model is chosen, there is no single path to implementation. Each model works on the basis of assessment followed by improvement to the next stage, and there are multiple stages. But many options are left to the company, such as:

Is it best to begin with a pilot project in a single division, or to advance maturity across the organization all at once?

How long should the organization expect it to take to move from one level to the next?

How should training be implemented?

To what extent should expert resources be relied on? For how long? Should they be taken on as consultants, or as permanent employees?

How long should the PMO support improvement and provide feedback before also implementing staff performance evaluations based on maturity of work in online project management?

Should the organization seek external certification of its maturity level?


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