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Project Management PMO Factors

17 December 2008

Project Management PMO Factors

Considering these factors, the PMO should decide whether and when to implement a program to develop project management maturity across the organization.

Similar questions should be asked in determining how far an organization should go on the maturity path. It is clear that every company will benefit from achieving OPM3 Measure Level, which is equivalent to CMMI Level 3, Defined. To what degree, and how quickly, an organization should move to the Controlled/Predictable and Continuously Improving/Optimizing levels is less clear. In some cases, other improvements outside the field of project management, such as keeping up with technology within the industry, or changing one's global position, might be more important than moving to higher levels of project management maturity.

Assessing and improving a company's level of project management maturity is the focus of the PMO Improvement Phase of the Project Management Life Cycle. In this phase, the PMO changes itself, improves itself by becoming an Advanced PMO, and improves Online Project Management capability and maturity across the organization.



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