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Adopt Project Management Processes

02 January 2009

A project management tools process is a repeatable way of doing something. The methodology and standards the PMO adopted in the previous two sections contain many processes. This section brings the higher-level work of adopting a methodology and standards down to the detailed level of adopting each process. This involves determining which processes will be used from the methodology and from each set of standards, and also identifying additional processes that are needed.

The PMO team adopts processes by following the four steps shown in this diagram:

1.      Define Process Requirements

2.      Evaluate Existing Internal Processes

3.      Evaluate Relevant External Processes

4.      Prepare Process Adoption Schedule


Define project manager process requirements. The PMO must define both general and specific requirements for processes. General requirements apply to all processes. For example, all processes must work with the methodology and meet the standards adopted by the PMO. On the other hand, specific requirements apply to some processes or just a single process. For example, there might be a requirement that all processes involving contracts require that the contract management office approve the contract. Defining process requirements ensures that the processes, once they meet these requirements, will work as intended.

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