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Internal Project Management Software Processes

06 January 2009

Evaluate existing internal processes. Many project management life cycle processes already exist within the organization, and some of them are acceptable ways of managing projects. Whenever possible, the PMO should use existing processes, making processes that already work available to the entire organization. This prevents unnecessary change and retraining. To do this, the PMO identifies all internal processes and performs a gap analysis on each process. The gap analysis places each process into one of four categories:


§       Acceptable as-is. The process works, meets requirements, and will be adopted by the PMO.

§       Needs small changes. Often, a process is very close to acceptable, but needs minor changes to work with the new methodology or standards. The most common changes are either small changes to terminology or the addition of specific stakeholders. The process is given minor modifications and adopted by the PMO.

§       Needs significant project manager revision. Here, the process is valuable, but not sufficient. It must be revised and the revised process tested for effectiveness, efficiency, and acceptability to requirements.


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