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Internal Process Project Management Software

09 January 2009

Must be replaced. In this case, the existing internal process cannot be made to work with the new methodology. The process that will replace the existing one should be identified.

The status of each internal process is documented in the gap analysis for internal processes in the Process Execution Plan also know as the Project Execution Templates.

Evaluate relevant external processes. Online project management processes are available from external standards associations such as the PMI, and also from vendors such as Method123. In fact, MPMM™ contains a full set of project management processes that can be deployed by a PMO. The PMO team should identify which standards and vendors will be considered as sources of processes, and which processes will come from each source. This is documented in the gap analysis for external processes in the Process Execution Plan.

Prepare process adoption schedule. The last step in creating the Processes Execution Plan is to schedule the work of preparing the processes for publication.


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