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Define Project Management Professional Process Requirements

13 January 2009

A requirement is a necessary attribute of a process or product. Process requirements are defined using the two project management life cycle steps shown in this diagram:

Define General Process Requirements

Define Specific Process Requirements


Define general process requirements. In this step, the PMO team defines requirements that apply to all processes.

Define specific process requirements. In this step, the PMO team defines requirements that apply to specific sets of processes or to individual processes.

Take these two steps to define general process requirements:

1.      Define compatibility requirements. All processes must be compatible with the PMO's methodology and standards. There may be other compatibility requirements as well. These should be documented in the general process requirements table of the Process Execution Plan.

2.      Define goal-based and problem-based requirements. Some general requirements are derived from the goals the PMO seeks to achieve and the problems it is tasked to solve. For example, if the PMO is tasked to reduce inefficiency by creating a single standard for online project management, this creates two requirements: Each process must, whenever possible, apply to all projects. Also, whenever a process does not apply to all projects, a decision rule governing use of alternate processes must be defined. Review the goals in the Execution Plan and problems in the PMO Charter to identify these requirements. Complete the general process requirements table by entering goal-based and problem-based requirements.


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