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Sample Project Management Professional List

20 January 2009

Here is a sample list of general and specific process project management tools requirements:

General Process Requirements11/1/2006
ID #NameSpecifications
G-01Compatible with methodologyEach process must be compatible with and properly placed within the PMO's selected methodology.
G-02Defined in life cycleEach process must be placed within one or more phases of the project life cycle.
G-03General applicabilityEach process must, whenever possible, apply to all projects. If a process applies to only some projects, a decision rule must be included to show users when to use the process, when no process is required, and what alternate process applies.
Specific Process Requirements11/1/2006
ID #NameApplies toSpecifications
S-01Procurement approvalAll processes that involve procuring products or services at a cost of US $500 or more.All procurements over $500 must use the company's standard invoicing system. Prior to commitment to the purchase, funds must be allocated from an approved budget by a manager or executive with appropriate budgetary authority, and this approval must be recorded in the invoicing system.
S-02Contract approvalAll contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and other documents that expose the company to liabilityAll contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and other documents that expose the company to liability must be prepared or approved by the contracts department. Any document that is not routine and signed by a representative or employee of the company should be reviewed by the contract department to see if approval is required.

Once all the requirements for project management software processes are defined, the PMO team can evaluate processes using a gap analysis that shows the gaps between the current state of each process and the requirements. This is the work of the next two sections.


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