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Evaluate Existing Internal Processes

23 January 2009

Evaluate Existing Internal Processes

The work of evaluating existing internal processes is completed in the two steps shown in this diagram:


1.      List Processes

2.      Evaluate Processes


List processes. In listing the processes, the PMO team makes a comprehensive list of all processes that are used within the organization for project management tools or that are used by project managers and project teams.


Evaluate processes. Once a process is listed, it is evaluated by gap analysis. If the process meets requirements, there is no gap, and the process is acceptable as-is. If the process does not meet requirements, then it is classified into one of the three other categories discussed above: needs small changes; needs significant revision; or, must be replaced. The specific work required to make the process acceptable is also described.


Here are the three steps needed to list processes.

1.      Identify processes in the methodology and standards.

2.      Identify other processes relevant to online project management through review of notes and through discussion with stakeholders.

3.      List each process, giving it a unique identifying number.

Once each process is listed, it can be evaluated using these four steps:

1.      Identify relevant requirements, including all general requirements and applicable specific requirements.

2.      Perform a gap analysis.

3.      Write work needed to close gaps.

4.      Evaluate quantity of work and categorize the process by the amount of work to be done.

Here is a partial sample list of existing internal processes with the evaluations completed:

Gap Analysis for Internal Processes11/15/2006
ID #NameRequirementsGapsEvaluation (and notes)
P-001Sole-source purchase ($500 - $5,000)1.      G-012.      G-023.      G-034.      S-015.      S-021.      Minor revision2.      Minor revision3.      No gap – applies to all projects4.      No gap – already meets standard5.      Minor revision – add note to check with contract dept. if signatures imply more than approval of paymentNeeds small changes
P-002Dept. C risk assessment1.      G-012.      G-023.      G-03 1.      Minor revision2.      Minor revision3.      No gap – already meets standardNeeds small changes – simply link to methodology.(Note, this is a good method, it is just used only by Department C and has never been distributed to 90% of project managers. Department C's excellent reputation will be leveraged in publication of this process.)


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