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Prepare Process Adoption for Project Management

30 January 2009

Prepare Process Adoption Schedule

In listing all processes and performing a gap analysis on each one, the PMO team has defined all the work necessary to prepare the processes for publication. In this section, the PMO team completes the Process Project Execution Templates by creating a schedule for the work to be done. The following factors should be taken into account when developing the schedule:

1.      The scope of work to be done. If almost all the work is small revisions, the job may take very little time. On the other hand, if many processes need to be rewritten and tested, or created from scratch and tested, then the creation of processes can be a major effort.

2.      Coordination with the overall PMO execution plan. The methodology and standards must be set before significant work can be done revising or writing processes. Also, completion and approval of processes is essential before PMO services that apply or teach those processes can be launched.

3.      Available resources. The PMO staff may be sufficient to complete the work in the time available, or it may be appropriate to retain additional internal or external project management software and writing expertise.

Taking these factors into account, prepare the process adoption schedule in the Process Execution Plan. Here is a partial example:

Process Adoption Schedule11/30/2006
 Schedule Dates
ID #Process NameRevised or writtenTestedComplete
Processes that need small changes
P-002Risk Assessment (from Dept. C)12/1/200612/15/20061/31/2007
P-001Sole-source purchase ($500 - $5,000)12/15/20061/1/20072/28/2007
Processes that need significant revision
P-003MPMM Tender Process1/15/20063/1/20073/28/2007
Processes that need to be replaced
P-007Project Review1/31/20072/1/20074/1/2007

Next Steps

In the last three steps, you have adopted the methodology, standards, and processes. Now you can:


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