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Adopt Project Management Professional Tools

03 February 2009

Adopt Project Management Professional Tools

At Method123, the term project management tools refers to a paper-based or electronic template, form, or checklist. For example, all of the templates available for export from MPMM™ are project management tools, whether the are used in MS-Word or Excel, or printed out and filled in manually. A PMO can simplify management of all projects, reduce project cost, and shorten delivery time by providing a standard set of tools.

Generally, there is a tool (a template, form, or checklist) for each process. There may be more than one tool for a complex process, or several simple processes might be combined into one tool. In this section, the execution plan for adoption and publication of tools will be explained.

Tools do not include software applications used for project management. Those are covered in the next section, Adopt Project Management Software. However, tools may be embedded into project management software programs or other software, such as document management systems.

Whether the tools will be printed out, created as independent documents on the computer, or included in a software system, they are defined by following the four steps shown in this diagram:


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