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Project Management Software Applications

10 February 2009


Evaluate Project Management Software applications. Once a software application is listed, it is evaluated by gap analysis. If the software application meets requirements, there is no gap, and the software application is acceptable as-is. If the software application does not meet requirements, then a summary of the approach to either replacing or improving the tool is prepared.

Here are the two steps needed to list software applications:

1.      Identify software applications used for project management tools through review of notes and through discussion with stakeholders.

2.      List each software application, giving it a unique identifying number.

Once each software application is listed, it can be evaluated using these four steps:

1.      Apply all relevant functional and technical requirements.

2.      Perform a gap analysis.

3.      Write summary work needed to close gaps.

4.      Define approach to the acceptance, improvement, or replacement of this application.

Here is a partial sample list of existing software applications with the evaluations completed:

Gap Analysis of Functional RequirementsFor MS-Project® 20002/15/2007
Requirement ID #Status of applicationRequirementSummary of work to be done
Category: User Features
FSR-01Windows compatibleStandard WindowsNone – already compatible
Category: Methodology Compatibility
FSR-02Templates need to be developed, no changes needed to applicationLife CycleConfiguration – PMO creates templates
Category: Standards and Processes Compatibility
FSR-03Built-in feature meets standardPERT and CPMNone – already compatible
Category: Access Control
FSR-04Would require extensive configurationNetwork Access ControlWill be skipped, as application will be phased out when current projects using it are complete
Gap Analysis of Technical Requirements For MS Project® 20002/15/2007
Requirement ID #Status of applicationRequirementSummary of work to be done
TSR-01Operates under XP, but not supported by Microsoft, as version is out of dateOS CompatibilityIf technical problems are encountered, upgrade to current version of application
TSR-02Requires installation of Acrobat printer driverPrinting CompatibilityInstall Acrobat printer driver on all machines running this application (IT services)


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