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13 February 2009

Approach to Application DevelopmentFor MS Project® 20002/15/2007
Continuation of support: Will this application be discontinued? If so, enter discontinuation date.Discontinued as projects using it are complete. If project are on schedule, discontinuation by 2/2008.
Current users: Who are the current users of this application?Managers and leads of projects #2111, 2118, 2119, and 2121
Future users: Who will use the application in the future?No one
Required modifications: Does the application need to be changed?PDF file  printing to be added. Upgrade to current version of MS Project® only if needed.
Approach to modifications: What techniques will be used to change the application: Purchase, purchase of upgrade, configuration, customization, integration, or program coding?Minimal, maintain until discontinuation
Integration: What other applications, if any, will this program integrate with? What work is required for this integration?None
Project manager: Who is managing the project management life cycle to prepare this application for publication by the PMO?PMO IT Lead
Delivery date: Date application will be modified, through all testing, and available for publication by the PMO.n/a

Evaluate Relevant External Software

The PMO may consider acquiring purchased, shareware, or freeware software tools for project management from external sources. Each project manager application should be listed and evaluated against functional and technical requirements. In choosing which tools to acquire, if any, the benefits should be evaluated against the cost of purchase plus adaptation for use. The first step is the preparation of a gap analysis. Use one gap analysis table for each application under consideration. Here is an example:


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