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Project Management Gap Analysis

17 February 2009

Project Management Gap Analysis of Functional RequirementsFor ABC PMtool, Version 102/28/2007
Requirement ID #Status of applicationRequirementSummary of work to be done
Category: User Features
FSR-01Windows compatibleStandard WindowsNone – already compatible
Category: Methodology Compatibility
FSR-02Templates need to be developed. Phases need to be entered into application life cycle map.Project Management Life CycleConfiguration – 2 weeks 1 FTE, including testing
Category: Standards and Processes Compatibility
FSR-03Built-in application featurePERT and CPMNone – fully compatible
Category: Access Control
FSR-04Compatibility designed in, implementation possibleNetwork Access ControlImplementation requires ½ day cooperative work between IT department and application installer
Gap Analysis of Functional Requirements For ABC PMtool, Version 102/28/2007
Requirement ID #Status of applicationRequirementSummary of work to be done
TSR-01Built inOS CompatibilityNo work required
TSR-02Built inPrinting CompatibilitySelect PDF printing feature during installation
Approach to application DevelopmentFor ABC PMtool, Version 102/28/2007
Ownership: Does the organization already own any copies of this application in its current version or prior version?No.
Acquisition: Is this application to be acquired by standard license, special license or contract, as shareware, as freeware, through custom development contract, or by other means?PMO will acquire site license with sufficient network seats, and add seats as necessary, using PMO budget.
Quantity: How many licenses are needed? What is the pricing structure or price?Initially, 115. For pricing structure, see attached documentation.
Acquisition date:3/1/2007
Configuration issues:Summary: After initial installation by ABC company and IT dept, PMO will configure for two weeks and perform internal testing for two weeks. Template development will be coordinated with application training for the following three months. See detailed development plan.
Customization issues:Summary: Minimal customization needed.
Integration issues: Name any other applications this application will be integrated with, and define issues and approach to that integration.
  •  Integration with corporate timesheet program via ODBC
  • Testing of export to Excel and Word
Custom development: Will this application or any module require custom development? If so, provide a link to the application development plan.None.
Project Manager: Who is managing the online project management to prepare this application for publication by the PMO?PMO IT Lead
Delivery date: Date application will be acquired and/or developed, through all testing and available for publication by the PMO.Between 5/15/2007 and 6/1/2007

Once each internal and external application has been evaluated, the PMO team can prepare the software adoption schedule.


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