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Project Management Scheduling

24 February 2009

These five issues are documented in the statement of approach. Here is an example:

Statement of ApproachSoftware Execution Plan2/28/2007
Summary by Application Function
Application FunctionSummary Plan
Project Manager Scheduling 
Application NameInternal or ExternalStart dateApproachEnd Date

ABC PMTool Version 10External3/1/2007Purchase & Configure6/1/2007

MS Project® 2000Internaln/aAllow until project using it are completeEstimated 2/2008

MS Project® 2002Internaln/aAllow until projects using it are completeEstimated 6/2008

Full PMIS 
Application NameInternal or ExternalStart dateApproachEnd Date

To be determinedExternal8/2007Purchase plus configuration and customization through programming6/2008



Executive Dashboard 
Application NameInternal or ExternalStart dateApproachEnd Date

To be determinedExternalEvaluation 10/2007Determine value over cost. Integrate with full PMIS development if ROI is sufficientTo be determined



Application Management Policy
Enter the information below. If some applications will be managed differently than others, create multiple sections, one for each management policy
Applies to:All Applications (except those being phased out)
Installation Management:IT Dept. x9-9999. New purchase approval from PMO, x8-8888
Maintenance Management:IT Dept. x9-9999.
User Support:PMO Support Services. Start at internal web support page,
Training:PMO Training Services. Start at internal web training page,
Related Services§       Software training. PMO will provide job-specific training in use of application, including full feature training for PMs and project administrators, scheduling training for PM leads, timesheet data entry for all project staff on all projects using this software.§       PM skills training. PM skills training will include examples generated by this software, and hands-on portions of this training will be in the supported software package. §       Executive reporting. Reports will be generated from ABC PMtool data export to Excel. Later, full PMIS will be used for this function.§       Executive oversight training. This training will use ABC PMtool data exported to Excel. Later, full PMIS (or executive dashboard will be used for this function.

Once the statement of approach is complete, the PMO has defined the scope and approach to software adoption. The last step is to prepare a milestone chart for implementation of the project management software solution. Here is a partial example:

PMO Software Adoption Milestone Chart[DATE]
Application FunctionApplicationBegin WorkBegin TestingApplication Ready for Delivery
PM SchedulingABC PMTool3/1/20074/1/20076/1/2007
PM SchedulingMS Project® 20003/1/2007 (add printer driver only)3/8/20073/15/2007
PM SchedulingMS Project® 20023/1/2007 (add printer driver only)3/8/20073/15/2007
Full PMISTo be determined8/1/20072/1/20086/1/2009
Executive DashboardTo be determined10/1/2007 – evaluation onlyTo be determinedIf implemented, to be determined

Next Steps

You have completed the process of adopting software. Now  you can:


View a project management template of the Software Execution Plan.


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