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Adopt Project Management Databases

27 February 2009

Adopt Project Management Tools Databases

A database is a structured, electronic set of data, and the project management software that allows for input, storage, searching, and output of that data. Information is data that is organized. Project management processes require communication of a tremendous amount of data and information to many stakeholders. As a result, it is valuable for the PMO to promote and support a database. Usually, a single database is preferable, as extracting information from multiple databases and combining it into a single report is a time-consuming and costly process.

A database is described in four aspects: content, function, structure, and technical. In more detail:


Content. This is the information in the database. It is independent of whether the database is an electronic or printed out and filed in a paper system.


Function. The database function describes how it is used for business purposes – who enters data, who has access to data, and what the data is used for. The function is implemented through user interfaces.


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