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Project Management Data and Templates

10 March 2009

Make sure that the online project management data is normalized. When data is properly placed in an RDBMS, it is normalized. This means that the data is structured so that each data element occurs only once, and there is no possibility of a need for duplicate data entry. Duplicate data entry results in wasted space, but, more importantly, introduces the possibility of error and vastly reduces the ability of the database to be used to extract new information in the future. Projects, being limited in time, can often be served by "quick and dirty" data storage solutions that are not normalized. The PMO or project management templates , which is an ongoing operation that will seek to improve in the future by asking new questions of old data, must require that the data be stored in the correct structure, that is, normalized.

The data analyst takes these three steps to define additional structural elements of the database.

1. The data analyst reviews the data dictionary and functional requirements, and normalizes the data.

2. The data analyst defines the tables and keys.

3. The data analyst defines the data views that will support the user interfaces.



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