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Functional Requirements for Project Management

17 March 2009

The data analyst evaluates the previous requirements to establish the functional requirements in these six steps:

1.      Evaluate capacity requirements for database storage, determining the size and speed of the disk drive and computer that will hold the RDBMS and the data set, which is called the database server.

2.      Identify the number of users in each group, and define required network capacity.

3.      Identify all project management software applications, non-standard computing devices, and printing formats the database must connect with to meet functional specifications.

4.      Evaluate throughput needed on networks other than the main network, including wireless, Internet, and cellular, and determine what capacity is required.

5.      Work with the IT group to determine if any changes are needed to the network or other systems to meet the capacity requirements.

6.      Work with project management tools software, hardware, and systems specialists to determine if any problems exist creating the required interfaces.

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