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Project Management Knowledge Management System

20 March 2009

These examples of completed project management templates illustrate the questions and answers that are needed to define the knowledge management system at a high level:

Project Management Knowledge Management System


What are the key benefits of knowledge management system implementation?

  • Implement governance and provide full support of online project management methodology, standards, and processes at low cost with minimal human intervention
  • Provide the maximum amount of well-organized historical information to support decisions at all levels of project management and technical management for projects

 What are the key problems to be solved by knowledge management implementation?

  • Reduce cost of implementation of governance
  • Improve project management results

 Will the knowledge base include a document management system?

  • Yes

How will the PMO methodology, standards, processes, and tools be integrated into the knowledge management system? 

  • These elements will be incorporated into the control guidelines and templates of the document management system and tied to the user ID system. 

 What is the driver of the knowledge base development effort?

  • Ensure best practices are used across all projects at lowest operating cost. 


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