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Define Project Management Stakeholder Groups

14 April 2009

The PMO team should decide how active the promotion of each component of the charter or business plan will be. Items marked "reference" in the first table above should usually be presented in a passive format.

Define Stakeholder Groups

In publicity, the same material is presented to different stakeholder groups differently. The PMO team can define stakeholder groups by their roles on projects. Here is a sample list of stakeholder groups:

§  Project manager

§  Project sponsors

§  Project teams

§  Executive stakeholders

§  Production management stakeholders

§  End-users of internal projects

§  External customers

§  External vendor management

§  External vendor project team members

Prepare a list of PMO service stakeholders for your PMO based on this list.


Create the Charter Publication Checklist

Once this project office checklist is prepared, use it as a guide to developing specific materials such as web site articles, presentations, and promotional emails. Prepare the publicity schedule, and use the materials on schedule to run the publicity campaign for the charter and business case.

Now that the checklist for publicizing the charter and business case is prepared, the next step is to plan publicity for PMO services.



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