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Support Project Management Software

21 April 2009

The issue of whether a service is required applies to general services as follows:

Some services are in general use. Some services, such as Support Project Management Software are in general use. When project team members need software support, they call for help. So the issue of the service being required does not apply.

Some services should be required. The PMO will only be able to standardize all projects if all projects are required to use the same methodology, standards, processes, and project management tools . In general, therefore, these items should be required. However, there may be delays or exceptions. For example, projects that are already running well may be "grandfathered out," and not required to use new processes, because changing processes in the middle of the project would not be cost-effective.

Some services are required, but only under certain conditions. In some cases, a decision rule may apply to determine if a service must be used. For example, with Report Status, if the project manager delivers clear, accurate weekly reports, he does not need to use the PMO's service to perform this function. However, if he fails to provide clear, accurate reports, the PMO may require that he allow the PMO to provide the service to ensure the work is done well.


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