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Publicize Supportive Project Management Services

24 April 2009

Publicize Supportive Services

To prepare the publicity list for supportive services, take the following steps:

1.      Review the services list from the Execution Plan.

2.      Prepare the Supportive Services Project Office Checklist in the Publicity Plan.

3.      Promote the PMO's supportive services following the checklist.

The issue of whether a service is required applies to supportive services as follows:

Some services are in general use. Some services, such as Administer Staff and Manage Accounts are in general use and are therefore required for all stakeholders.

Some services have parts that are not required, and others that are. For example, some training programs may be required, and others optional.

Some services are required, but only under certain conditions. Most of the time, mentoring and project manager support are not required. However, they may be required by the PMO Audit Manager if problems are found on a project. 


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