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Project Management Orangization Execution

05 May 2009

Project Management Orangization Execution

The PMO execution phase is not a series of steps. It is the entire ongoing life of the PMO, providing services to projects and project stakeholders. The services are grouped into four categories, as illustrated in this diagram:

The four PMO service categories:

§  General services, provided by most PMOs, include activities that simplify and standardize how project management is done. This includes methodology implementation, promotion of standards, process improvement, standardization of tools, and administration of databases and knowledge bases. In performing general services, the PMO also update project plan and provides status information.

§  Supportive services help projects succeed and reduce their costs. Services include: training and mentoring for project managers and teams; developing staff and careers; and efficient, centralized management of staff administration, project support, and financial accounts.

§  Controlling services evaluate the status of projects and project management. Assessments are performed to benchmark the level of online project management capability throughout the organization. Reviews target completed projects and project phases. Audits are used for in-depth evaluation of projects that may need intervention.

§  Directive services are used when a PMO directly runs some or all of the organization's projects. The PMO must recruit, assign, and manage project managers and project staff. The PMO will also manage suppliers, equipment, customers. Lastly, the PMO should have procedures for defining and managing special projects, such as those that are high profile, are high risk, or cut across divisions within the organization.

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