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Providing Project Management Services

08 May 2009

Providing Project Management Services

During execution, the vast majority of PMO staff time will be spent providing services. Much of this time is spent in routine activity. Providing services is very much routine, regardless of what services are being provided. This can be illustrated with a common example: a bank providing services to customers.

A bank might have four categories of services: Checking accounts; Savings and special accounts; Loans and mortgages; and, Credit cards. Within these four categories, there might be 26 different types of specific services – several checking accounts, a dozen savings and special accounts, and so forth. However, when a customer comes to the bank, much of the work is the same. Almost all the time is spent in one of these activities: Answering customer questions, setting up an account, making financial transactions, changing accounts, and closing accounts. The work is the same, even though the services are different.

In just the same way, a PMO offers up to 26 services in four categories to the project manager, project teams, and project stakeholders in its organization. And over half of that time will be spent doing routine activities that are pretty much the same, regardless of what service the Project Management Life Cycle is offering.


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