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MPOM Project Management Life Cycle

12 May 2009

MPOM Project Management Life Cycle  

Much of the work involved in each of the 26 services in the MPOM™ life cycle section is the same. But Method123 doesn't want its customers to have to see the same material 26 times over! This page, Providing Services, is the solution.

This page includes the information needed to complete most of each template for each of the 26 services. All the material that is the same over and over is here. The unique information is on the project management life cycle pages that go with each unique service.

To prepare a service for delivery to customers, take the three steps shown in this diagram.


1.      Open Template

2.      Use This Page

3.      Use the Specific Service Page

Open template. Open the template for the service and read it closely.

Use this page. Follow all the instructions on this page, and complete over half the material on the template.

Use the specific service page. Open the project management life cycle page with additional information specific to that service, and follow the instructions there to finish preparing the template.

When the template is prepared, the service is ready for launch. Starting on the launch date, the Project Manager delivers the service to customers. This can also be called performing, providing, or executing the service. All those terms mean essentially the same thing.


How to use this page

Perform the five activities shown in this diagram to fill in the majority of the template for each service:

1.      Define Key Features of the Service

2.      Identify Stakeholders of the Service

3.      Plan to Provide the Service

4.      Plan to Evaluate the Service

5.      Plan to Improve the Service





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