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Define Key Project Management Service Features

19 May 2009

Define Key Project Management Service Features

Take the four steps shown in this diagram to define the key features of each service:

1.      Set Launch Date

2.      Identify PMO Contact

3.      List Benefits

4.      Prepare Activity Matrix

  • Set launch date. Determine if the PMO will offer this service, and when the PMO will make it available to customers.
  • Identify PMO contact. Name the PMO staff member who will be the primary contact for this service.
  • List benefits. List the key benefits the service will offer in relation to PMO goals and the problems the PMO is tasked to solve.
  • Prepare activity matrix. Prepare an activity matrix that assigns specific work needed to offer the service to PMO project manager team members.


Set Launch Date

The decision of whether to provide this service and when to launch it may have already been made and recorded in the PMO Scope Statement: Service List of the PMO Project Execution Templates. If this information is still correct, copy the name and launch date to the Key Service Information form. If the start date of this service needs to be re-evaluated, or if a new decision about whether to offer this service is needed, then see the life cycle page for this specific service for recommendations.



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