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Identify the Project Management Contact

22 May 2009

Identify PMO Contact

Identify the PMO contact for each service. The PMO contact must be a PMO staff member. The PMO contact is the person responsible for ensuring that the service itself, and all information related to the service, reaches the customers and stakeholders. Review the internal organization chart in the PMO Charter and the Project Job Description for each relevant Staff Role to determine who the contact should be. Also see the suggestion for who the PMO contact should be on the life cycle page for each specific service.

List Benefits

Each benefit should either be an obvious contributor to online project management success, or should be linked to a goal in the PMO charter, or should be linked to the solution of a problem the PMO is tasked with solving. Follow these four steps to complete the benefits list:

1.      Review the PMO Charter and the Business case to identify benefits that apply to this service.

2.      For each benefit, give it a name, identify the beneficiary, and add any additional notes.

3.      Group the list of benefits by beneficiary (column 2).

4.      Place one benefit on each row of the benefits list.


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