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Sample Project Management Community Service

26 May 2009

Here is a sample general table of benefits that might apply to any service. The notes field indicates both the type of service that would have this benefit, and also provides an example showing how a particular service would create that benefit:


Key Service Features and Benefits

For Sample Service

As of 1/1/2007



Service Name:

Any PMO service

Launch Date:


PMO Contact Name:

Appropriate Service Manager

Contact Information for PMO Contact


555-555-5555 (Internal, x5-5555)

Leave message and I will return calls between 2pm and 4pm


Benefit Name



Cost reduction



This would apply to centralized services, such as centralized purchasing or vendor management.

Using expert purchasing and supplier contract management skills on all projects reduces costs.

Reduced risk



This could apply to many services, such as assisting projects with planning and estimation.

Improved planning and estimation make the baseline schedule more attainable, and also identify risks so that they can be managed proactively.

Reduce internal time

Accounting department

This is an example of a benefit to a specific internal department. It might apply to the manage accounts function.

By having a bookkeeper experienced in online project management keep all accounts up to date, it eliminates the time currently spent by the accounting department preparing special financial status reports for projects.

On-time project delivery


This could apply to many services, such as training.

Training project managers in communications will help them remove roadblocks and stay on schedule.

Accelerated promotion

Project managers

This would apply to support services such as training, mentoring, and staff support.

Training, mentoring, and staff support allow project managers to learn and apply skills that will make them eligible for promotion and bonuses.









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