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29 May 2009

As shown above, beneficiaries are usually not individuals. Instead, typical beneficiaries are:

§  the whole organization

§  all or some department

§  or all or some projects

§  a customer group, such as a project manager

See the project management life cycle page for the specific service for additional information.

Prepare Activity Matrix

The activity matrix shows which PMO staff members will perform what tasks related to the service. Follow these five steps to prepare the activity matrix for each service:

1.      Identify PMO staff members who will approve, manage, or perform work related to this service by reviewing the staff roles and job descriptions.

2.      List relevant PMO staff members across the yellow row at the top of the table. Put the PMO manager in the second column, the service manager for this service in the third column, and other staff members in the remaining columns. You may add or remove columns, as needed.

3.      Modify the pre-determined list of activities in the left-hand column as needed. Add additional rows if needed.

4.      Review the Key for the Service Activity Matrix at the bottom of this table. Modify it, if changes are appropriate to your organization.

5.      Put one or more letters from the Key into the box that marks the intersection of each activity and each PMO role. The key letter indicates the type of work the person in that role performs in relation to that activity. If the person in a particular role does no work on that service, leave the box blank.

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