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Identify Project Management Stakeholders

02 June 2009

Identify Project Management Stakeholders

The customers for the Report Status Service are the recipients of the reports.


If the PMO elects to provide status reports to external stakeholders such as online project management customers or vendors, a summary containing information appropriate for publication can be prepared for these customers.

Status reports are typically delivered weekly or monthly, and also when major project milestones are due or achieved.

Provide Service

This section explains two aspects of the Report Status service:

§  The process of preparing and delivering status reports and summaries

§  The types of status reports that PMOs deliver

The Status Report Process

Most customers of the Report Status Service want to see very little information. It is best to provide a short summary of project status. However, on seeing that information, customers will sometimes want to know more. At that point, a full project status report, with all details, can be provided. There is a technique for linking the summary reports that are always delivered to the more detailed information. It is called drill-down. Drill-down is a reporting feature where the recipient of an electronic report can click on a particular item and see additional detail. For example, the reader might see a single line showing the total budgeted and actual expenses to date for the entire project. If he clicks on that item, he sees a detailed line-item budget with the budgeted and actual results for each man-hour spent and each item purchased.

Status reports are most easily prepared in templates. If those templates are built as electronic documents, such as web-pages, then the drill-down feature can be included in the report design. This allows report recipients to work with the data they need without calling for additional, time-consuming explanations from project administrators.

Follow the eight steps shown in this diagram to prepare and deliver status reports.



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