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05 June 2009

Online Project Management Software Service


1.      Gather Status Information.

2.      Update Actual Status.

3.      Rebaseline Project Plans.

4.      Prepare Project Status Summaries.

5.      Prepare Program Status Summaries.

6.      Prepare Portfolio Status Summaries.

7.      Prepare External Status Summaries.

8.      Deliver Summaries and Reports.

Gather status information. Each week, each project reports its actual results, and also informs the PMO of any changes to the plan. If the information does not arrive, is incomplete, or is not clear, the PMO needs to contact the project manager and/or project leads to get the information in a timely fashion.

Update actual status. Progress on scope, that is, preparation of deliverables, is posted along with the time and money spent to achieve that progress. In addition, the risk management plan, quality plan, and other plans are updated.

Rebaseline project plans. If there has been a change to the project plan with regard to scope, time, or cost, the plan is updated. When the new plan is approved, it is the new baseline plan, so the process is called re-baselining.

Prepare project status summaries. Once the detailed information is complete, the project status summary, focusing on a simple comparison of plan to actual results and on current work, is prepared.


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