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Improve Project Management Community Service

30 June 2009

Improve Project Management Community Service

- Here are several common improvements to the Report Status Service that a PMO can make:

- Improve data gathering. Work with project managers and team leads so that they automatically deliver status information without the PMO having to request it.

- Add the Update Plans Service, if necessary. If the PMO consistently has problems getting accurate, up-to-date information on project status, it may be necessary for the PMO to implement the Update Plans Service. In implementing this service, the PMO takes over the process of gathering status information from the project team. Instead of the online project management team tracking their own work, the PMO does the tracking. This then ensures that the status information is available to the Report Status Service. Alternatively, the PMO can provide the Update Plans Service as an option for projects that do not want to, or are not able to, keep their own plans up to date.

- Automate report preparation. In a project environment that relies primarily on forms and templates, the Report Status service can be very labor-intensive. It may even use up the majority of the PMO's staff resources. However, a well-designed knowledge base can make the process almost entirely automatic. Project workers enter timesheet data into their project plan, project team leads note activity completion, and project managers enter information about changes to the baseline, perhaps with the help of project administrators, and everything else is completely automated: all detailed and summary reports are generated automatically and published on the web site. If document management is included, the system can even generate emails requesting missing information and informing recipients when reports are updated. To learn more, read about Knowledge Bases in the MPOM™ learning section.
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