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Itís the people that count when managing projects

10 July 2010

The people within a project are the most important elements that can drive the project into success or failure, therefore the people that work hard for the project must be treated well in order for them to perform well. One of the jobs of a good project manager is to keep his people motivated. Motivating people is a hard task, which requires patience and excellent interpersonal skills to perform. A good project manager should also be able to listen to the needs of its team members in order to make sure that they are motivated to do their job, which requires good communication skills.

Lastly, a good project manager should also be able to discipline himself and focus on the goal of the project. He must be able to follow deadlines and lead the people in a strict manner yet still lenient in some ways. Discipline and focus is important, because without it, the project manager might lose track of the project goal, which might lead to failure.

If all of these skills are to be incorporated by a project manager, he will definitely not only become a good project leader but an excellent one as well.

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